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    We bring our paw friends together with the power of nature and the light of science.

Independent Expert Opinion

Those who know my professional approach know how I protect nature. I always say that a simple recipe, with its natural ingredients, can win over molecular agents. The birth of a new brand, which I see as an independent expert opinion, is produced with love, interest and skill, and nutraceuticals are carefully selected, is pleasing for the industry. 
"Pet Clinique” will be your partner in pet animals that exhibit both health and transition from health to disease. It will be an important stakeholder in maintaining the health status of healthy animals and in supporting and ensuring the normal functions of immunity in pet animals that transition from health to disease. I wish you to safely use nutraceuticals with natural ingredients, which I have no doubt will provide clinical support. 

Prof. Dr. Kerem URAL 
Veterinary Internal Medicine 

Solution partner of our veterinarians

Pet Clinique

Solution partner of our veterinarians

Pet Clinique; It is a group of treatment support and care products with strong content that will be the solution partner of our Veterinarians, prepared meticulously and with competent experts and quality production process, in order to support our dear friends in their fight against the disease and to increase their quality of life under all circumstances. Pet Clinique's wide range of products is designed to support our physicians in the treatment of many systemic diseases. In addition, it will support our physicians as powerful, natural and effective agents for nutritional disorders, vitamin supplements and cosmetic needs. 

As Pet Clinique, we wish to achieve many joint successes on this path we set out with the goals of "being with our physicians on every platform and bringing our friends together with them easily with the safest products". 
Erkan Görkan